Basic Business Structures

Basic Business Structures

Practical advice, in plain English: that’s what I promised. I am taking on that challenge by setting out some basic business structures and explaining the differences between them – without the legal and accounting jargon that causes most people’s eyes to glaze over. Impossible you say? Well, check out the below series of 4 posts and let me know how I went.

A few disclaimers before you read on. These posts are definitely geared towards the basic end of the spectrum – so if you are expecting nitty gritty details on each type of structure I am afraid this summary isn’t for you. However, if you want an overview of the various structures so that you can work out what your accountant is talking about (or even just to understand a bit more about how your business structure works) then read on. Business structuring 101:

  1. The in and outs of operating as a sole trader.
  2. Key aspects of Partnerships.
  3. Companies: what they are and how they work.
  4. What is a Trust?

Each of the above posts can be read independently, or as a series. Either way, I’m hoping that the posts will answer any lingering questions that you may have had about your business structuring options. 

If you have any follow up questions in relation to business structuring then  please get in touch, I’d love to continue the conversation. 

Be sure to check back in at The Bearded Lawyer, as I will be adding more content regularly. Next week I’ll be posting my first “Startup Story” – setting out the journey undertaken by my clients as they establish and build their business.